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31 December 2020 @ 08:28 pm

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Take note, fanfics/fanfics journal is gone

Khyd pronounced as "Kid".

Ichiban Hey! Say! JUMP,
favourite all 10.

Love Johnny's in general, though know nothing about almost every group other than JUMP hahaha
I just support them all!

Not active in any communities, but I try to comment :)
Been so busy with school these few years to even post birthday posts anymore zzz

I'm not interesting, I'm not popular, I don't know why you guys would wanna add me but hello *waves*
I add everyone back, so just add me~


P.S: I lock all my posts (except this one of course) because I don't want any of my schoolmates to suddenly know about this journal of mine :/ Thus, I am sorry for some communities that require a min. of a few posts public.

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28 August 2016 @ 04:55 pm

The last time I updated was probably just one sentence, talking about my last paper. Was that it? Well, it is my last paper tomorrow. HAHA. Last exam of my three years of study. I have to pass. It will be such a waste to retake a module at the last minute. Next semester would be internship.

I don't think anyone views livejournal anymore, so the chance of this post being read is really low. Still, just in case anyone was wondering how I was doing... here I am.

Summarizing my eight months, a lot has happened this year. January was just heartbreaking, February was a link to that story and broke my heart to so much more pieces. March was ok. April and May was both popular and heartbreaking. June was tiring emotionally and physically (it was fasting month). July was busy. August, this month, well, better I guess. All in all, it is heartbreaking everyday and I don't know who to trust.

Even my birthday was a whole day of not knowing what to do, how to react. I would love to tell the whole story just to get it out of my system but I'd rather not. I'd get angry, frustrated, sad, then get confused all over again. I lost people, I lost myself. Now, I'm just tryna pursue myself because I can't do shit about people. Even though it's within myself, it's not that easy. What happened in the first 3 months of the year was too much for me. I then made new friends and was starting to feel better but two of them kept hurting me because of each other (and myself, let's just be honest lol). Complicating shit. It is sort of over now but it just got settled so at least that's done. I'm still recovering from January-March drama.

I have also been too busy dealing with myself that I only have time to buy JUMP's releases, watch them, put them in my iPod... that's about my relation with JUMP for some time now. I hope to get back into it after school but to be honest, the problem now is the fangirls. The usual people I talk to are not really with me anymore. So to get back into the circle is tough.

I have said some things people were not supposed to know, but I'm not gonna private this post because this is like an update of who I am as of this second, which is a self-loathing introvert who just wants a rest.

Sorry if this got you guys depressed hahah. All the best guys, see yall around.

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24 November 2015 @ 11:07 am
Omg everything's so stupid that I barely have time to do shit
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15 March 2015 @ 04:53 pm
Hello everyone, long time no see! I was thinking of posting yesterday saying how it's been so long blablabla but ended up forgetting ooops. And here I am with something to post.

I have been posting only birthdays and the last one was last year Keito's birthday hmmm. Been so busy I can't even type out here. Also, my life hasn't been interesting and I am busy with school and with only my school laptop (I sold my other laptop), I am sort of lagging behind in fandom for a while haizzz.

I changed to a new cabinet and with that I actually cleared out all my clippings. I really have no more space. I know nowadays people do not collect clippings but to those who are interested, those of you who still collects them, please. Please. I need to clear them out!!!

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All are JUMP clippings though I think there are still a few pieces of other groups stuck in between but 99% are JUMP.

Just comment here if you want how many stacks (1, 2, 3... no limit. If you want all, better.) How I am going to take them out is just by random so I would not know if you got half-half from the 99% and 1% or such. IT WILL BE RANDOM.

Apart from the whole stack of clippings, I also have wink up 2013 May edition so you can ask for that too. I had extra~

Meet-up would be preferred for Singaporeans but non-locals would have to pay any money yourself as I am broke (I am so sorry). Unless you are coming over to SG or something I can hold it for you and meet up with you when you are here (my friend often do this so yeah it is possible).

No closing date or whatever, will be opened till I clear everything away.

I hope at least one person is interested XDD

Gonna post this as public for now.

Happy 21st Birthday, Okamoto Keito.
I don't know what to say, I just love you.

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Happy Birthday to you :) koigaii